Values that underpin

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My approach to life is guided by 5 principals (5 BE’s):

  • Be Simple - Large doors swing on small hinges (problems)
  • Be Confident - Know you can. Trust you can. Practice so you can (attitude)
  • Be Focused - Limit the scope to whats manageable and what produces the most immediate feedback (productivity)
  • Be True - True To Self. True To Others. Seek truth in every situation as it’s the only effective way to diagnose reality (character)
  • Be Consistent - Habits done consistently produce effectivity (actions)

Six core values

  1. Radical Candour - caring for others requires candid communication.
  2. Mutual Purpose - manage the stories we tell ourselves about others. In conflict seek to understand your purpose and that of the other person.
  3. Psychological Safety - the effectiveness of our thinking relates to how we treat one another
  4. Extreme Ownership - if the team fails it’s my fault. I own the communication both up and down the chains.
  5. Innovation - if a team is not innovating they are stagnating
  6. Fast Decision Making - spike and stabilize