2nd Peter Outline

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3 Chapters

3 Words - Glory, Knowledge of God, Remembrance

Bible - called Key of Knowledge (Luke 11:52).They exalt the book, but not the Saviour behind the book. Or they exalt the Saviour and no the Book. This is our manual for life, an owners manual.

66 AD * 6 years lapse of time. He has had some time to grow (2 Peter 3:18)

  • 1-14 – The Great Virtues
  • 15-21 – True Phrophecy [scriptures exalted]
  • Chapt 2 – False Prophets ( Chap 3 – Return of True Prophet

Chapter 1:

  1. Peter 1, he starts as an Apostle. In this, he starts as a servant. Thats because he went through some things. We have imputed righteousness to us, through Jesus Christ. Some people say there is a error here: (righteousness of God “and”) <- not supposed to be there. But on earth, Jesus Christ was man on earth. 1 John 5:6-7. Jesus Christ is the person of God. God is the soul. Holy Spirit is the spirit. You take one away, you have nothing. 1 Thess 5 (God preserve your body, soul and spirit). 3 parts to you! Matthew 28:19 (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). This does not mean, Jesus is not God. Titus 2:13 (not how close it is to 2 Peter 1:1) -> it’s making them the same! 1 Tim 3:16; Psalm 119:8; John 17:17;
  2. Knowledge of our God
  3. Spiritually you got to have life because you can have godliness. John 10:10-11; “Virtue” - strength by stretching, straining or extending. It means “clean living”. You have to teach people Jesus. The book is centered around Christ. In OT it was prophesied about Him. When people take Jesus by faith – the veil is removed. Rom 6:23 – we get a gift (eternal life) from God.
  4. It’s a future tense (last past), with a past connotation. We haven’t escaped corruption as yet, but we will be raptured in the future. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Jezebel and Naboth; got to have as much as I can get. Man’s life is never satisfied. It’s a hard thing to escape our lusts! Israel complained to Moses about God, cause they didn’t have meat. They loathed this “light bread”. Thereafter the Lord sent fiery serpents. When Christ ascended, all men needed to do was “look to Jesus Christ”. As Christians we need to take in the first part “exceeding great and precious promises”. Divine nature (John 1); gotten by believing Jesus Christ. Not only do you have eternal life, you know you have eternal life.
  5. Seek ye out of the book of the LORD (Isaiah); Seek ye the Lord while He may be found. If man were as diligent to God, as they were to their sin. Because they can’t see quick results, they reject God.
  6. If you lack knowledge –get it from God (wisdom). You study and you grow. 1 Corinthians 8:1; when you study the Bible you will get knowledge. Ecclesiastes, 1 Tim; 2 Tim - three studies. Not only study for approval of God, you need to study to be quiet. Charity – is the crown of the whole thing. Clean living is not cleaning up the outside. The Maniac of Gadara. Addition to salvation is being cleaned up – but the cleaning that needs to happen is in the inside. Matthew 23:26. Charity is more than brotherly kindness, it’s more than kindness. IT is the end of all things, in the Christian growth span. Loving something that doesn’t deserve it.
  7. Paul says he knows how to abound and how to be abased (how to be rich and poor). A real question that has these virtues will bare fruit.
  8. 1 Timothy 4:6 (if you a minister, you do well if you make someone remember); Ezekial 16:2-6 (talking about Israel, but good application for Israel) -> Like David and Mephibosheth.
  9. Falling – is not from GRACE (Gal 5:1 – this guy was not saved). Fall – is failing to bear fruit. Need these things in (5,6,7). It’s not about doubting getting to heaven. 2 Tim 1:12.
  10. You get your entrance by Jesus Christ – it’s an everlasting Kingdom.
  11. People know what they ought to do, but they have to be reminded. Acts 20:25; Acts “behold their threatenings”. John 17:17;
  12. Talks about Tabernacle x 2. 2 Tim 1:6; There is a stirring up about the things of God. It’s a picture of our body. When Christ was going to be stoned, He spoke of the Tabernacle (rebuild this temple in 3 days). 1 Cor 6:19; God dwells in man. In OT, they had to build the tabernacle. 1 Cor 3:16;
  13. Exalting scripture to place of pre-eminence. Psalm 138:2; Bible is some of the most precious writing world has ever known, but also most abused. If you have a KJB, you have all you need in this world.
  14. Warnings in the Bible – not to go after wives tales. 1 Tim 1:3 (first sin, ye hath God said). He wants you to question the Word of God. 1 Tim 4:7; 2 Tim 4:4; Eph 4 – today there is no difference between Pastors and Teachers. At end of church age – will be endless teachers. 2 Tim 4:2-6 – itching ears, man looking for praise of men. Titus 1:13;
  15. Chapter 1:1 – That God was in heaven and Jesus was on the earth. Jesus only is not going to get it. The charismatics teach that it’s only Jesus Christ. There is a trinity!
  16. Holy Mount – Matthew 17:1; (Peter is among them). Time of feast of tabernacles; this is mount of transfiguration. Rev 1:7 <- Second Advent, not Rapture; Prophecy coming from Zechariah (look on them that pierced Him). Why would they be wailing? At the rapture is rejoicing. This has to do with Matthew 24:27-30 (time setting – tribulation); Ezekiel 37,38. Jesus Christ will be a King (Rev 19:11-15); Well pleased -> Mount of Transfiguration and at Baptism.
  17. Oral Roberts. Even if Jesus Christ was standing before you, He wouldn’t be, because of the WORD OF GOD. We have a more sure word of PROPHECY!!!! The Word. 1 Samuel 3:1-3 -> How did Samuel get so knowledgeable (vs. 21); by the word of the LORD. When Jesus Christ was tempted in the wilderness, He rebuked satan by the scriptures. Day Star is in you – waiting to go up. Rev 22:16; that star is ready to meet Christ in the air.
  18. This Bible interprets itself. 2 Tim 3:14; Jeremiah 36:3-4 (Baruch); Holy Spirit adds or remove from the book. No one has a reason to take or remove from the book. Rev 22:18; We have the canon of the scripture, in ORDER. Our OT ends up in Malachai; Jews end in 2 Chronicles. They looking to go up to Jerusalem. Everything for Jews, is earthy.
  19. Thess (effectually worketh in you); Acts 8 – Ethiopian Eunuch.

Chapter 2:

vs. 1-3 False Prophets vs. 4 Fallen Angels vs. 5-8 Noah, Lots and Tribulation vs. End of Chapter – Back to False Prophets and how they exercise they beliefs

  1. Great verse against Calvinism. 1 Cor 6:20; Jesus Christ bought everyone. Everyone is bought and paid, what people do with it, is up to them. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise…. 1 John 2:2. 2 Different groups of people, False prophets and false teachers. It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching that they are saved, not teaching. People don’t like preaching. Matthew 7:6; Dogs and swine (2 Peter 2:22). Dogs – false prophets, swine – false teachers. Privly (private). They do this slippery, they bring these things slowly. False prophets and False teachers are not saved. 1 Kings 22; Elijah slaughtered 950 prophets (they won’t speak the truth). False Prophets (Ezekial 34:1) tell you what you want to hear. Creeds of False Prophets: (1) Science is there highest authority (2) Peace is their highest ideal (3) They feel if you don’t conform to the world you are weird (4) Alright to criticize the Bible, but not someone’s faith (5) Guilty feelings are mental problems (6) Full punishment in this life for the things you done wrong (7) All truths are relative (8) three things ok evolution, integration and get everyone together. Romans 1:18 (denial of truth)
  2. Pernicious – perculiar.
  3. Feigned – pretend (fake). Biblical marks of true prophets (1) No preacher or prophet preaches against a social order (2) He opposes sin and never social problems (3) Not one true prophet teaches peace (4) He is not a good politician (5) All base messages on God and His holiness [no situation ethics] (6) They emphasize God’s wrath and judgment, on sin and people (7) Able to predict events accurately in the future. 7 Qualifications for service – (1) Conviction on his state (2) No confidence in the flesh (3) Attention exaggerated to prophecy (4) He is obedient to small things (5) He has power for great things, cause he is obedient in small things (6) He is not afraid to criticize religion (7) He has a peace of God through grace.
  4. Don’t think He will spare people who rejected Jesus Christ if He case aside these angels. NOTE: Rev 20:1 – not an iron chain, it’s a spiritual chain. Some day these angels will be judged. “saints judge the world” 1 Corinthians 6:1-3; at White Throne, saints will judge these angels.
  5. Noah and Lot (two different settings). What happening in Gen before flood? There was Enoch, who God took to heaven (he is a type of the church). He will be at the end of the church age (Noah). Those animals in type are Gentiles (Acts 10 – Peter with animals, Matthew – lady dog, under master’s table). This end of church age, and get carried through tribulation (Church). Noah was preaching the truth he had. Even though the people didn’t believe, he still preached it! Luke 17:26 (Noah) – so shall it be days of son of man. Son of Man revealed – tribulation.
  6. Lot is a man type of the world, going through end of tribulation. One taking in lots time die. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, they had too much bread and given to idols, turned into Sodomites.
  7. Lot is a perfect example of a Christian; saved, but yet so as by far. All his works burned up! Conversation – saying and hearing.
  8. Even though Lot was a judge in that place, but God still called him righteous. Genesis (Abraham pleaing with God, even if righteous). The Lord knows how to deliver the ungodly.
  9. 2 Peter 3:7, 10; definitely talking about White Throne of Judgement (Rev 20:11); 1 Corinthians 10:13; Lord will take you out of temptation. Good prayer to pray – “deliver me not into temptation”.
  10. Do not speak evil of the government. Unsaved preachers and teachers.
  11. Even the angels brings not accusations against them
  12. These people are made and preserved to be destroyed what some say. If they were made to be damned; then Jesus Christ didn’t die for them. 1 Thess 5:23; Jude 10 / 1 Corinthians 2:11; 1 Corinthians 1:18,21; What pleases God – the foolishness of preaching. Eccl 3:18; “natural brute beasts” -> check verse 16. Baalim’s ass = BEAST. Just a dumb animal. Natural man, know’s no more than a dumb animal.
  13. “shall receive reward” – it might look good in this life. Must queers are wealthy, trying to prove their better than normal people. They weird! “disobedient to parents”. Rom 1:29-33; “day time” – the liars, gamblers are now in the day time, they talk about their sin publicly. Spots – 1 Corinthians 5 (incest with fathers wife); Proud of their sin. “spots” – tribulation context. Spot (Deuteronomy 32:5/Revelation 13:2 (took mark of the beast); Leviticus 14 (leprosy likened to sin) Rev 16:2 – people malnourished, got boils, and have a spot.
  14. Constantly thinking of sin. Gen 13:13; Beguile a new Christian. They have cursed children (like Father like son). Psalm 144:7; these children grow up to be leaders and builders of the nation
  15. Baalim (false prophet); Num 22:21-23. He is supposed to be prophet of the Lord, but Balaak convinces him to curse Israel. Way of Baalim – committed adultery (2 Peter 2:15); Error of Baalim - he cursed them above what God said (Jude 11); Doctrine of Baalim – teaching the lost world how to get the saved world astray (Rev 2:14);
  16. Dumb ass – biblical words. Don’t be ashamed of them.
  17. Big clouds and dark without water. This is a religious man, cleaned up his life, but he has nothing on the inside. There is nothing inside him. Matthew 11:43; Hell is a place of darkness forever.
  18. Vanity = nothing more than pride. During tribulation – faith + works = setup. But in tribulation, they will say, all you need to do is take Christ. Jude 16; No matter what the truth is, they will preach against it. 2 Tim 4:3; Holiness say this is verse that dictates you can lose your salvation.
  19. The allure – they make it sound good and simple. 1 Tim 6; Godliness with contentment is great GAIN.

Chapter 3:

Dealing with: Past, present and future (like book of Revelation). Threefold application.

  1. Peter is definitely an Apostle. OT written for our admonition
  2. Commandment – Holy, Just and Good, it’s spiritual. You just don’t get to heaven by the law. A good testimony and walk with Jesus Christ pends the law.
  3. Teaching of Uniformitarianism. George Mueller, “we are looking for our coming of Saviour, and it may be today”. Book written 1771. 222 years ago, He was looking for coming of Jesus Christ. Just because he hasn’t come back, doesn’t mean he won’t. The further on we get, the more they scoff.
  4. Father’s here are Jewish.
  5. This is the teaching, between Gen 1:1-2; there is a split. Original world was flooded. God could have created earth perfect to begin with. He began to reform these things. There was something there before Gen 1:2. How the world was. Vs 7. World that now is. Vs. 13 – World to come. Earth before 1:2, was before the throne, and satan inhabited that thing. 2 Cor 4:4; Lucifer was over it, and the fallen angels, and they messed, and God pushed it down through the atmosphere. There is a frozen sea of glass (in the third heaven). Gen 1:28 (what God says to Adam). Replenish – restocking. The earth was dark and void – to fix things up from the Gen 1:2 floods.
  6. This is not Noah’s flood.
  7. God destroyed the earth twice by water (Gen 1:1, Gen 9); Adam and Noah’s. Earth is reserved unto fire, till day of judgement. Heavens (plural) and the earth. All things held together by the WORD of GOD. Rev 20:11 – Day of Judgment.
  8. It wasn’t a thing for people to live 1000 years. God is eternity past, present and future. We in time. God is long suffering, and to Him it’s not a long time. We are vastly approach 6000 years on this earth, it’s getting closer and closer. James 4:14, your life is a vapour. Your Bible reflects what you are, you get a mirror effect, it shows you what you are. (1) Mirror keeps up with you (2) Mirror shapes you (3) You have to have light to use a mirror (4) When you look into it, you looking for your image (5) The Mirror never lies (6) The Mirror always keeps up (7) It changes as quick as you.
  9. This is a great anti-Calvinistic verse. Deut 7:10. Not everyone is going to get saved. Deut 28:63; Prov 21:24;
  10. Day of Lord (after tribulation); Millenium, Past White Throne, onward to eternity. It will cover the 1000 years.
  11. Some day this earth is not going to be round anymore. Don’t live so much in this world.
  12. We spend our time in this life (hasten – quicken up) looking for Jesus Christ.
  13. Three things to note in Revelation (1) New heaven – gentiles (2) Jew – New Earth (3) Church – New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is the mother of us all. Rev 21:1; Rev 20:11-15 (old heaven and earth will pass away). Burn up! New Heaven and New Earth (Rev 21); takes you into eternity.
  14. Present that Church without spot and blemish.
  15. 1 Tim 1:16; Jesus Christ our pattern of longsuffering. Paul, an Apostle, a beloved brother.
  16. People try to logically explain things, outside of scripture. Hebrews 5:11 (wrest). Iron sharpenth Iron. 1 Corinthians 3; Matthew 13:3, 11, 19; Three types of Christians (100 fold,60 and 30); the more you sow, the more you will reap.
  17. You can mess up by studying the word of God. The things you learn in Bible you can get twisted up over, if you don’t allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide, and particularly if you follow the false prophets. Doctrinally applies to tribulation (7 years). Spiritually you got application that will fit for you.
  18. Close of the letter. GROW in GRACE – will keep you stable. Knowledge – keep you from being ignorant (would not have you be ignorant).