1 John 1: A Sure Salvation

3 minute read

Warmup questions:

  1. How many books of the Bible did John write?
  2. What was John’s relationship to Jesus?
  3. What did God call John to be?

Deuteronomy Survey (J.B Philips)

  1. The generation which experienced redemption from Egypt was now dead.
  2. Joshua, Caleb and Moses alone remained
  3. But Moses would soon die
  4. Moses shared 10 sermons to enable and equip the people for what was to come next as they aim to conquer Canaan
  5. There are 4 looks in book (backward look, inward look, forward loop and upward look)


  1. The History of Israel - The Backward Look (1-3)
    • A look back at Kadesh-Barnea, Israel first heard about the giants
    • Fear of giants brought spiritual paralysis
  2. The Holiness of Israel - The Inward Look (4-11)
    • Moses warns Israel about forgetting the law
    • Reminding them that the Promised Land rested on making God the centre of their lives
    • Moses set before them blessings and cursings
  3. The Heritage of Israel - The Forward Look (12-30)
    • This was the precepts and principals for their lives in Canaan
    • Not falling into adultery
  4. The Hero of Israel - The Upward Look (31-34)
    • Moses last words to Israel
    • His prophetic vision, song and his burial
    • Deuteronomy ends with Joshua’s taking the helm from Moses

General information

John the Person

  • John wrote 5 books of the Bible
  • John was a disciple - the son of Zebedee (Mark 1:19-20)
  • He was an apostle and part of Jesus inner circle

The Book of 1 John

  • Theme: Salvation meets reality
  • It emphasizes practical living, what it looks like and what it’s not
  • It also highlights the importance of relationships and fellowship
  • Keyword:
  • manifest
  • know appears 30 times in the KJB
  • Why I chose this book?
    • the foundations of the gospel
    • reflecting on one’s own salvation (Ph 2:12)
    • understanding what being saved should look like to God and others
    • don’t lose heart in Jesus Christ, because parents, church or others around you betray it’s truths

My Testimony of God’s Providence Despite

  1. All have struggles - if life is anything it’s hardship
  2. Born with an absent father
  3. Mother took me to church - Sunday school
  4. Well taught, attended many churches, heard the gospel many times
  5. Mum died when I was 11.
  6. Plenty of oppurtunity to ask, is God real?
  7. No more so, then moving into a home cold, without God, but caring enough to provide a home with clothing.
  8. Attended church - it was just routine, God was routine.
  9. But when I had no one, God became a friend.
  10. Life was hard. Abusive guardian. Never to me.
  11. Goal in life, to escape. I didn’t have truth, but God was working providentially.
  12. Led me out, led me to a church. Got saved.
  13. Took me a while to give my life over, because I lacked truth, the Word in me.
  14. Eventually God straightened, did lots of preaching, teaching, street evangelism and handed outs 1000s of tracts during world cup.
  15. Then I was lonely, gave up on finding someone.
  16. Then God provided yet again with my wife at 30.
  17. Then God gave me 3 kids.

3 Parts of 1 John 1

  1. Part One: (1 John 1:1-4) - The work of Jesus Christ
    • vs. 1 Christ was hidden
    • vs. 2 Christ is manifest
    • vs. 3 Christ is the centre of our fellowship
  2. Read vs. 4 - Joy is vital and the how is shared in this book
    • One of the best ways to experience fullness of joy
  3. Part Two: We have a responsibility. Immediately tied to joy is responsibility.
    • We are most miserable when we focus on ourselves
    • What I need, what I deserve, me me me.
  4. Part Three: The Five “If we” Contrasts
    • The Litmus test for our salvation