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Github Dependabot API & Dumpify

Using Dumpify for Neovim debugging in C#

This is a great aid if you looking to get insight into debug information via console, while not using a debugger. DAP sucks.


Retrieving dependadot alerts from Github API

import csv
import requests

OWNER = 'your_owner_name' # GitHub Owner name REPOSITORIES = ['repo1', 'repo2'] # List of repositories PAT = 'your_personal_access_token' # GitHub Personal Access Token CSV_FILE = 'dependabot_alerts.csv' # Output CSV file name

session = requests.Session() session.headers.update({ "Accept": "application/vnd.github+json", "Authorization": f"Bearer ", "X-GitHub-Api-Version": "2022-11-28" })

def fetch_dependabot_alerts(owner, repo): """Fetch Dependabot alerts for a specific repository using the session.""" url = f"" response = session.get(url) if response.status_code == 200: return response.json() else: print(f"Failed to fetch alerts for : ") return []

def process_alerts(alerts, repo): """Process each alert to extract relevant fields, including the repository name.""" processed_alerts = [] for alert in alerts: processed_alert = { "repository": repo, "number": alert.get("number"), "state": alert.get("state"), "dependency_ecosystem": alert.get("dependency", ).get("package", ).get("ecosystem", ""), "dependency_name": alert.get("dependency", ).get("package", ).get("name", ""), "security_advisory_description": alert.get("security_advisory", ).get("description", "") } processed_alerts.append(processed_alert) return processed_alerts

def write_to_csv(data): """Write the processed alert data to a CSV file.""" with open(CSV_FILE, mode='w', newline='') as file: writer = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=data[0].keys()) writer.writeheader() for row in data: writer.writerow(row)

def main(): """Main function to orchestrate the fetching, processing, and writing of Dependabot alert data.""" all_alerts = [] for repo in REPOSITORIES: alerts = fetch_dependabot_alerts(OWNER, repo) if alerts: processed_alerts = process_alerts(alerts, repo) all_alerts.extend(processed_alerts) if all_alerts: write_to_csv(all_alerts) print(f"Data written to ") else: print("No data to write.")

if name == "main": main()