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Tiny Thought

If you wait until you're motivated, you’ve already lost. Surgeons don’t always feel like doing surgery. Teachers don’t always feel like teaching. Parents don’t always feel like cooking. Firemen don’t always feel like rushing into a burning building. If you let motivation dictate your actions, inertia conspires to keep you in place.

Action creates progress. Progress creates momentum. Momentum creates motivation.

CAP Theorem

Your two choices: you have to choose between consistency or availability. You cannot have both. This assumes 100% availability but you could have degrees of consistency along with availability (or vice versa).

List.ForEach is not foreach (C#)

List.foreach will create isolated clojures that run Actions independently without side-affects. foreach is synchronous and mutates. Eric Lippert

Redis Use Cases (

Use cases


  • For Playwright tests in .NET, there is no need to use Playwright directly. But you can use Playwright.NUnit to implement and use Page.

Adding a User to SQL Server (some crucial steps) to connect from Docker with

  1. Ensure you checkout SQL Configuration Manager - Is it running via TCP as a protocol?
  2. Don't forget to enable TCP listening on the IP you require
  3. User gets added to Sql Server
  4. User then get's given permission in database with Securables (schemas)

Team Lead Tid-bit:

Never forget to keep your eye on the big picture when leading a team. It's easy when fighting fires and trust is low to get stuck in the trenches. In the trenches, strategy is missed and often times that leads to a disconnect in what business needs and what is visible to business.

Measuring team performance:

  • When it comes to measuring a teams performance and reporting back to business, don't build your own metrics.
  • Often times the metrics that drives a team internally are not the same metrics that provide business the value they need.
  • How to start measuring a team for yourself? Start by figuring out how you would measure yourself.