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Our adventure continues


To my darling wife...

Raging waters raging tide,
Magic wonder water ride.
Up and down the wild rapids flow,
Never held back by the perennial snow.

Rising up, rising high,
Five Adventurers sailing nigh,
Challenged by the waves of time,
Never short of corny rhyme.

Of the Adventurers to sail the day,
never hindered come what may,
Quick at hand, the eldest child,
engineering master, soft and mild.

Zip, zany and bubbly bee,
baking, straining and fruitfully retaining.
Happy, pee-pee pelican,
tackles the shores with his magical red wheels of tin.

Of we go the crazy bunch,
11 years of chocolate munch.
Hand in hand, off they sail,
The head a genius handsome male.

By his side, a dashing dame,
Whose bum curves the wild winds tame,
Ever moulding, ever bold,
Always together with the tightest hold.

Friends forever the heads they are,
Adventurers greatest we are by far.
Thankful to the Lord each day,
That Five Adventurers in beauty array.